Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've been a little productive this week.


Maybe after all I'm not so crazy. Why the fuck would I be anyway? My leg is numb. I like to feel important so I put myself in some wicked situations.

I am fucking crazy.

So it may not sound so glamored up like those Hollywood movies, but I shot myself.

Who the hell would?

I hear voices now too. Like some rapist in my ear. He told me to shoot myself. That would explain it because who would shoot themself?

Why am I talking so much about my self. People say I'm vain.

But I'm fucking injured.

It doesn't matter though. It's still all about me, me, me.


Oh yeah, call my a plagiarist too. It's not bad if you don't do it all the time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

its been a while

I wouldn't say that it could've been better because it should have been. Nothing ever goes my way. Don't you hate those spoiled little brats who get everything they want and everything goes so perfectly. Like their life is a god damn movie script.


Things have never been the same ever since. I know its a little vague but really nothing ever goes my god damn way. My parents want me to go to psycho analyst because they say I never go out or anything. I do fine all by myself. People are just there to wear and tear you down. Anyway I got to go. My leg numb. Oh yeah, I'll explain why another day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I really can't recall what happened at all later that morning. I woke up to a damp pool of blood on my sheets. The bitch probably drugged me up or some shit.

He was always a no good son of a bitch. How can you do these things to the person you claim you care for.

I was out to get him. All my life I've sought revenge. All I needed was a little courage. Check.

I came up with this intricate plan that no one would find out who did it. If I weren't too tired would tell you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


He came into the room and turned on the lights.

"Axel, you awake?" He said.

He turned off the lights.

"So, how's school going?"
"Bullshit." I said in a soft angry voice.
"Watch your mouth you little prick." He said softly so his bitch ass wife wouldn't hear even though she knows.
"Like father like son."
"Shut the fuck up." He said with an angry face on.

He smacked me so hard in the face my nose started bleeding. He locked the door and came into my bed.

Monday, January 17, 2011


You hear everyone talk about growing up. Everyone wearing their business suits looking to work on Wall Street trading stocks. I hate overachievers.

You can call my father one of those people. That bastard. Always in his goddamn black suit. I'll make sure that will be the one I'll wear to his funeral-- jus sayin'.

His father was a poor farmer in Wyoming milking cows for a living. My father wanted to live a better life, but that bitch is so fake now.

Fake. Fake man. He broke his little bitches heart. Put a knife in it.

So the dick went to college. Big deal. He got a motherfucking piece of paper. Enslaved his poor farming ass background in books. Maybe he found fun in my torment. Thank god a bitch married his sorry ass. He doesn't deserve me as a son.

Liars. Its a biological thing in my family. Sometimes I feel I am adopted. Every time I ask the bitch he doesn't give me a fucking answer. Why the fuck would you adopt a fucking child and abuse their childhood. That bastard does not deserve to live any longer.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I bet you're thinking premade custom, lousy font. "This must be some random kid with a lot of time on his hands." Maybe if you gave me a second I would be able to explain. People--they are real smart asses. You think everyone you meet is genuine and kind, but all they want is that "something" you have to offer. I've always been great with women. They always want to unzip my pants. People say I get it from my brother, Jack. When women hear his name it's like instant lube.

My brother, he's too good for us now. He went off and married some rich Spaniard. Her name is Isabella--how original. Sometimes I think Jack doesn't know his ass from his elbow, but you have to let him learn on his own. People say I have always been the mature one. I guess. I mean my parents always let him do whatever he wanted to. He never had to watch out for me or anything. I always had to look after myself while my brother was out looking for some vagina to stick his penis in. Please, do not excuse my language. He probably is the biggest he whore alive.

I laugh though because he has aids. Poor Isabella. She's too pretty for her own good though. I mean you would think pretty people have it good. They really do. Living in their mansions and driving their Lamborghini's

Enough about Jack, and more Axel. Axel--not a fagot.

I requested for an abandonment from my parents. Those lousy son of a bitches. They have millions and millions of dollars and refuse to give me any. I have put my heart an soul in aiding them. Instead they give it to Mr. Fagot Jackoff. Go fuck yourselves willya. If only I had the courage to say that to their fragile faces. Yes, they have cared for me when I was younger. Caring in a sense of abuse. They abused me. They abandoned me. Fuck them. I might need some financial support, but you know what? They have one less son. Let's see who sleeps less at night. It may be me, but I will never regret. Live, laugh, love. Minus the laugh and love. What the fuck minus the live. What life am I living at the moment. I am probably the lowest scum on the planet. I don't think I need help though.